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freds bud IIWelcome to Pueblo Colorado Dispensaries.Com,

Here you will find information on the surrounding marijuana dispensaries located in the Pueblo Colorado area.

As of Jan 1, 2014 the sale of marijuana has been legalized for recreational use city wide.

Consumption of marijuana is only permitted for those 21 and older and only  in the privacy of your home or the home of a “communal smoke partner.”

As a community that has FINALLY ! been granted IT’S historical RIGHT!  to “puff the miracle molecule” we must also keep in mind to abide by the set rules for marijuana use and educate our children on the responsible use of marijuana in our community.

Pueblo is a beautiful place to live, it is the the “Home of Heroes” let’s make sure that the legalization of marijuana doesn’t have a negative impact on our community by showing the world that prohibition and the war on drugs is a “failed cause” and that the legalization of Marijuana  can be handled in a beneficial manner for all of society.

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  1. the stuff does or works miracles no doubt,got anger issues and some herbal treatment just gets rid of that issue

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