Are Pueblo City and County Leaders Ready For Legal Marijuana?

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2013-12-29_0027The people have spoken, Weed is legal!

But Really, WTF is really going on with Pueblos leadership?

There are a few of them that seem to be acting like a bunch of 18 year old, out of control  adolescents. “You know who you are!”

Then again Pueblo leadership has always been corrupt ever since I could remember, “what else can you expect from a town that used to be called “Little Chicago.”

Are we going to be able to trust them with the city coffers when the cup starts to runneth over with millions in tax revenue these dispensaries are going to be generating for schools and education?

A little over 15,000k on opening day for recreational weed was collected in Pueblo alone with 5k of that going into the city coffers, that’s a lot a dough for only two retail shops. Can you imagine the dollar signs in the eyes of  the powers that be  when they tallied the days numbers… CHA CHING!!!

We need to keep their shenanigans in mind come voting time and make sure we vote their asses out.  Its time these politicians start learning who they work for. They need to understand they are public figures and need to be accountable for their actiions.

We need to make sure the legalization of marijuana benefits the citizens and communities of Pueblo and not the politicians.

Here is the link to the Pueblo County 2013 Marijuana tax budget pg 35.1  Lets keep an eye on it.

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