Pueblo Dispensary Locations

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Locate A Pueblo Medical Marijuana2013-12-28_2344 Dispensary, Collective, Or Delivery Service, Or  Legal Weed Store

***This page will be updated frequently to list new legal medical/recreational marijuana stores in Pueblo, Colorado.

Searching for a marijuana dispensary in the Pueblo area? Touring the Pueblo area interested in trying out some of the best marijuana in the region,  or maybe you just moved to the area you’ll find that Pueblo Colorado has some of the best medical and recreational bud in the area.

Being a smaller town local  dispensaries have been able to focus on growing better quality mmj products, so much better that  folks are even coming down from the Denver area because the quality is so much better.

As of Jan. 13, 2014 there are currently 4 active dispensaries within the Pueblo and Pueblo West city limits.

Medical/Recreational Marijuana  In the Pueblo Area    

The Greener side                                            3321 S Interstate 25 Pueblo, Co 81004

Marisol Therapeutics                                  922 Kimble Dr, Pueblo West, Co. 81007   

Pueblo West Organics                               609 E. Enterprise Dr.  Ste 140 Pueblo West,Co 81007


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2 thoughts on “Pueblo Dispensary Locations

    1. Yes they are selling recreational herbs. The Average price for an 1/8 at the moment for rec smoke ranges from $50 to $60 bucks depending on strain.

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